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Rustless Rides™

Automotive Protective Coatings

Delivering vehicle protection solutions that keep your ride rust-free, preserving its beauty and structural integrity for years to come.

Have you been a victim?

Did you know, according to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, over 11 million vehicles are scrapped every year?

Rest assured; we can help extend the life of your vehicle by up to 10-15 years. Let us help protect your vehicle from the elements using environmentally friendly, cutting-edge undercoating products. 

Don't want to lose that great running vehicle due to rust? 

You can protect your ride with Rustless Rides ™

Who We Are

Serving the Dayton and Greater Cincinnati areas, Rustless Rides™, is a family owned and operated business that provides professional undercoating and protection against rust for your vehicle, along with Rustoration® services, by trained and certified technicians. Our products are environmentally friendly and unlike conventional undercoating, we use non-petroleum oil-based products that penetrate through rust to the base of the metal and deep into seams and body cavities creating a barrier against the elements. 

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